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      Specific characteristics of iron mould tectorial sand process

      Iron mould coated sand technology is a new wear-resistant steel ball production technology in recent years, it has iron mould sand mold, the advantages of both has the characteristic of swage chilling, also has the features of sand mold casting stress and good toughness, it is for the production of wear-resistant steel ball is a very big breakthrough. When its production of iron mould-tectorial sand sand hot core box method heat curing, to a certain temperature and time, the influence of iron mould-tectorial sand production efficiency, production of large quantities of products is not suitable for; Of iron mould-tectorial sand moulding machine is a hot core box shoot core machine, so the production of large, complex parts doesn't suit. Then the characteristics of the iron mould coated sand performance in what way?


      1. Casting of iron mould-tectorial sand has the characteristics of sand mold casting, namely a sand mold shell rigidity, making sand mold high overall strength, deformation, its broad adaptability, easy demoulding, castings and positioning, reliable and high precision.


      2. Composed of iron and thin sand tire mold locking after high stiffness, small deformation, fast cooling, the casting dimension accuracy is high, the machining allowance is small, compact structure, especially suitable for the production of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron in production to use when the graphitization expansion of ductile iron castings for feeding - since the implementation of nodular cast iron, non riser casting, less get high quality castings; Because iron type cooling fast, to produce high grade of pearlite matrix of plate, bar, shaft parts particularly beneficial.


      3. The casting of iron mould-tectorial sand has the characteristics of coated sand shell mold casting, modelling is convenient, fast, no matter what kind of casting sand mold, 2, 3 minutes can be finished modelling, sand density and hardness of mould surface through devices such as guarantee, consistent forever, and don't need any paint coated. Both got clean of castings, and improve the shape and dimension precision of casting.


      4. Casting of iron mould-tectorial sand also has the characteristics of the metal mold casting, iron casting in the crystallization process of molten metal has obvious cold shock effect, can make the casting grain size refinement, to improve the comprehensive strength of the castings, possible because of the sand tire again at the same time to avoid the shortcomings of metal mold casting, casting does not produce white, for cast iron pieces, can as-cast production all kinds of material, no need to heat treatment.